So, are you getting enough leads from your website? Would you like to receive more leads? Here are some tips you can implement to increase your website conversion rate.

  1. Decide what you want to get from your website.

    Would you like your customers to call you or email you? Don’t make your customers have to decide. If you want them to call you, say that over and over again in very visible places. You can increase your font size to really get your message across. Give them a command they can follow without having to think.

  2. Clarify your target audience.

    If you target masses you might not get anybody at all. The best way to go about this is by describing a person to yourself who would be your ideal customer and create the website as a direct communicating to this “imaginary” person. Don’t use words this audience would not understand, stay away from “big words” only people in your profession would get. If possible conduct a survey so you can really find out what your target audience wants.

  3. Choose a search engine friendly website platform.

    This is important if you really want to rank on search engines. Use something that could be easily updated, enhanced and have blogging features so you can refresh and add to your content frequently.

  4. Don’t get lost in “pretty design”.

    People have short attention spans. Don’t sacrifice your message for complex, great looking elements that serve no functions at all other than looking cool.

  5. Capture emails.

    This is very important in order to create repeat traffic and be able to market to your audience. Somebody who gives you their email address because they are somewhat interested in what you offer could be warmed up to become hot prospects by repeated mailings.

  6. Be Social!

    Make sure you have a strong social media presence. You can create traffic back to your website or blog from these sites and it also provides social proof that you exist. You can create great brand recognition by being everywhere your customers are. Plus you can stay in touch with your customers, share your successes, invite them to your events, increase their interest in your products and services.

If you are missing any of these elements and you need help contact us so we can assist you to achieve your ideal website that generates results.