Simple Things that Improve Your Website’s Search Visibility

Whether you have a local shop, own a big company, or have an online store, having an online presence is beneficial for you. Your business might absolutely depend on having a website, which is the case if you have an online store. But the digital world is also the place where every other kind of business can look for potential customers. Or, in some cases, be found by them. Search engines are an integral part of the process of finding and being found by customers. They are the gates people use to enter the digital world, and the tools they use to surf its vast expanses. If you want your business’ website to be what potential customers find when they get online, you must think about your website’s visibility.

Taking care of the website visibility in search engine results is something you do when you’re first building a website. When the work on search engine visibility ends – it’s an ongoing process that becomes as regular as website maintenance. If you’re wondering about some simple things that might improve your website’s visibility and that you can implement at any time, here are five.

Create Good Content

If your competitor analysis ever takes you to your competitors’ websites, as it should, you’ve probably noticed that many of them have a blog section. Businesses seem to love writing blog posts, which might lead you to think that they have an incredible wealth of insights to share and a passion for the written word to boot.

The reason behind all of this is the fact that search engines love content. If a website wants to improve visibility in search engine results, adding good content in the form of blog posts is one of the best ways to do it. A blog post a week will do. If you’re not sure you can keep up the tempo without compromising the quality, you can drop it to an article every other week. Just stay consistent and focus on quality.

Optimize Images

Images don’t seem like a good target for search engine optimization. But every little you can do counts when it comes to increasing your website’s visibility. And they are a couple of small things around website images you can optimize for increased visibility.

Image size is one of the things you need to optimize because it affects page loading speeds. You can do a couple more things with words alone, by using alt tags, captions, and image descriptions. Adding these words improves both relevance and the influence of images on search engine rankings.

Improve Website Speeds

Making image files smaller, or at least getting them to a manageable size before using them on your website, will make your website load faster. Fast loading speeds are important signals to users and search engines alike. You should always look for new things to do for improving your website loading speeds.

Web site caching, the size of website elements and scripts, the website’s architecture, and even the web hosting package you have will affect your website loading speeds. The simplest way to improve the speed is to use, reliable, fast hosting, and to keep your website’s architecture simple. Avoid using too many plugins and optimize all the elements for speed.

Bonus Tip: Subscribe for a Regular Maintenance Service

Even when you get your website to where you want it to be in terms of search engine visibility, the job is not done. Search engine algorithms change, and the things you did to increase the visibility today might not do the same tomorrow. And don’t forget about your competitors – they’ll be looking for ways to get to the top of search result pages, and there’s limited room there.-Having a regular maintenance service performed on your website is a sure way to stay ahead of the competitors. It’s exactly because SEO is a constant struggle that you need someone to regularly look at your website, make sure nothing is blocking it from achieving the results it should, and doing these small things to improve its search engine visibility. So don’t wait – sign up for our website maintenance service!



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About the Author:

Patricia Nemeth is the CEO and founder of KexWorks Web Design and Digital Marketing, a Clearwater company. Since 2012, Patricia and her team have provided web design services and digital marketing services to more than 1,000 businesses.
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