When creating a website where you are trying to attract customers, it’s important to have your goals in mind. The primary one is usually getting them to buy your product, but other goals could be getting them to sign up for your newsletter, download your e-book, share your website on social media, etc.

Here are four ways to get a customer to take action:


When designing your website, it’s important to have your exact goal in mind. Part of this is knowing your audience and also figuring out what your end goal is. For example, if you were a handyman who mostly got small jobs, your goal might be to get your name out there so you get hired by bigger companies. In this case, you would want your website to be easily shareable and for your reviews to be right near the top of your site for everyone to see.


On the home page of your site, it is also essential to state your value and how it tops your competitors or what sets you aside from others. For example, if you make and sell soaps, you would add how they are homemade and what sorts of ingredients you use and why those are favorable ingredients or what sorts of bundles you sell or what deals you have to go on, etc.


Most people don’t have the time to read a long article before deciding what to do. They like a simple article that explains why they should buy your product and how it would be beneficial to them. Added to that, there should be an easily spotted button labeled, Buy Here or Sign Up Here, so that when the customer has made up their mind, it’s easy to buy your product and they know exactly what to do.


The last helpful tip when making your website is to include a video. It’s easier for people to understand things when given visual data and makes it easier for the customer to imagine owning the product. On top of that, people would rather sit through a video explaining something, then read about it and seem to have longer attention spans when it comes to videos.

Following these guidelines, you should not only bring traffic to your website but also get your customers to take action and thus achieve your business goals.  Call us today for more information about our web design services! 727-776-5961