5 Things to Expect on a Website Launch Day

A website launch day is the culmination of weeks, often months, of concentrated effort from people of various skills and professions. A whole group of people has to work together to ensure that your website hits the ground running, with all the pieces of content ready, and with plenty of visitors waiting at the virtual gates to check out what you have to offer.

That’s how launching a website works. You have a whole lot of things that precede the actual launch. There are things that happen within the first day or two of the launch. And then there’s everything else that goes under the usual running of the website. With that in mind, here are seven things you should expect during the first day or two of your website’s running.

  1. You’ll See How Good of a Hype You Can Create

When you launch a website, you expect people to flock to see it on day one. And there’s a reason to expect it — you probably did a thing or two or twenty to create some hype around your website or at least let some people know what will be going on. And they won’t all be there, lined up. But the number of visitors you get on days one and two will tell you a thing or two about your hype-making capabilities.

  1. There Will Be Bugs

Your website will not be without bugs on launch day, and the sooner you come to terms with that fact, the better. They don’t have to game-stopping bugs that will cause your website to go offline, but they’ll be there. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to deal with them on the go. Otherwise, they might cause temporary hiccups.

  1. You’ll Be Very Happy to Have Your Team with You

Here’s the thing — you shouldn’t bid farewell to the people who built your website for a while after the launch. Unless you know how to deal with every single issue that can come up during the launch and you know how to start the post-launch phase, you’ll need to hang on to your web builders for a little longer. And they’ll come in really handy.

  1. Your Cornerstone Piece of Content Will Disappoint…

…but only if you expect a lot from it on the very first day. Content marketing is a long game, so the results of your efforts will be visible in the months ahead. So that big piece of content you prepared for the launch day will not do its magic on the first day, and you shouldn’t expect it to.

  1. Some Mistakes Might Come Back to Haunt You

If it’s your first website launch, you can be forgiven for making some mistakes. But even then, there’s no room for amateurish behaviors. You cannot do everything on your own. You cannot build a good website and prepare for launch in days. You cannot earn before you solidify your audience. And you cannot avoid the consequences from these mistakes if you made them.