These days, it’s important to have a website that helps attract more users. One that is informative and stands out from other websites. An attractive, helpful website that turns potential customers into returning customers. While designing a website, it’s good to understand the Do’s and Don’ts of successful business websites.

Here are six Don’ts of designing a good website.

Absence Of A Strong SEO.

You can’t forget about good Search Engine Optimization when designing your website. A good way to help ensure high rankings are having long-tail keywords, social engagement, and quality content. These things can be ignored and they make for a weak SEO. To get your website seen by more people, it’s very important to have high rankings.

Inadequate Or No Call To Action.

To get potential customers to actually buy your product or service or even to find out more information about it, it’s important to have a clear call to action. Has a link or button in an easily spotted place that persuades the person to click. Make sure the call to action is clear and to the point. Included with this, your website should be able to answer any what, where, and how questions of the customer.

Lack Of Analytics.

It’s so important to analyze any success you have, find what caused it, and improve it or if the business is diminishing on your website, find out what caused it and handle it. Don’t overlook site analytics, it has important data and should be studied carefully.

No Contact Information.

Your contact information should be easily accessible to your customers from your website. A link to an email goes a long way. That way, the customer knows if they have any issues or questions, they can reach out and get help. This forms trust with the customer and shows that you care.

Not Mobile-Friendly.

More and more people use their phones over computers, especially when they’re out and about. A lot of website designers don’t think about making the site mobile-friendly. This is very important since it will get more people willing to go to your website at any time or place. Making sure the layout is mobile-friendly is an important detail.

Small Sized Fonts.

Some websites make their font size smaller to try to fit more data on one page. This seems like a smart idea, but in reality, people are less likely to actually read it if the font size is smaller. It’s smarter to good quality data, even if it’s less, with a bigger font size so that it is actually read and looks nicer. Appealing font size is more important than people think.

With all the websites out there today, it can be hard to make your business website stand out from the rest. A lot can be learned from the feedback that’s provided through your analytics and surveys that can be sent out. Another good tip is looking at other successful websites and seeing how they did certain things that you may be having trouble with. With these Don’ts, you can create a successful business website.

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