As you might already know that what your customers say about your business carries a great deal of weight. This is why you have to focus on ensuring that the spread the right message across. No matter how much you spend on advertisements, you cannot afford to overlook Google reviews as everyone reads them. Since Google reviews affect your reputation, ranking, and your ability to attract new customers, you must focus on getting more reviews on Google. Here’s how you can the results that you are looking for.

1. Understand the Process

The first thing that you need to do is know the process. Although it takes just a minute for customers to leave a Google review, there is a process in place that they follow. It involves opening Google Maps, searching for your business, opening your Google Business Profile, scrolling through the reviews, and writing a review.

2. Create a Shortcut for Google Reviews

Since customers have to go through a lengthy process to leave a Google review, you need to simplify the process for them. This is easily possible by creating a review shortcut link and placing it on the website. Head over to the Home tab on Google My Business and look for “Get the first review”. Then, you just have to select “Share review” and use the link.

3. Shorten the Review Shortcut

Now, you might be tempted to simply hyperlink the review link or include it in a button. However, there are offline methods that allow you to create a shorter anchor text which is not an eyesore. You can use a link shortener such as to customize the link.

4. Link the Google Reviews Page

After you have created the review shortcut link, you can look at how to present it to customers for getting Google reviews. It is a good idea to link the Google reviews page to your website. The fact is that when customers want to review your business, they would head over to your website. Thus, you must create a clear call to action to encourage customers to leave a review.

5. Make a Google Reviews Page

The next thing that you need to do is create a Google reviews page. Having a dedicated webpage for Google reviews will ensure that existing customers leave a comment about your business. Even though you can show reviews as screenshots, it is best to have them in text form. Besides, you have to make sure that Google’s crawlers are able to read the reviews for improving your SEO ranking. Make sure to create a call to action in the footer for getting Google reviews. You could even make leave us a review card and emphasize to your customers that it is super easy to leave a review.


The above are just some of the ways to get more Google reviews for your business. You can give them a try to grow your online presence and improve your prospects’ perceive your company.