Did you know that eighty percent of online users across the globe have at least one social media account? In fact, social media users went beyond 34 billion individuals in 2019. Marketers and business owners know such platforms are vital for the success of their business. On the other hand, brand managers are seeking ways to connect along with their audience to their desire to enhance and keep them invested within the company.

Between all the modifications in digital marketing throughout the years, social media has not only to withstand but changed every year to keep its place as one of the most influential channels in modern marketing.

However, you understand that social media is far from simple. Quick shifts in marketing, continuous updates, privacy regulations, fierce competition, and more come all together in a melting pot, which is as stressful as its potent. Luckily, we’ve compiled some social media marketing insights to help you keep an eye on what you need to know when it comes to social media marketing this 2020.

Incentivize a Long-Term Following

People love to play games, compete, keep score, and win. You must be able to satisfy the competitive spirit of your audience by compelling incentives to your long-term followers. As incentives go, valuable prizes loom the biggest. However, you might be surprised how even small rewards prove to present a large lure.

Giveaways and Live Events

Online giveaways are becoming more sought-after as new social media brands search for ways to build their audience. Normally, marketers will provide a free product or gift card to customers in exchange for tagging their friends or sharing a post.

You must work to make fun events for your followers for you to benefit from social media marketing. The more followers engage with your profile, the more likely they are to recheck it in the future for new updates.

Fewer Sales, More Engagement

Your engagement strategy does not need to be gamified or interactive most of the time. Your brand could engage prospects and customers the old-fashioned way, along with amazing offers like memberships club, free shipping, choose your discount deals, instant discounts, and coupons, among others.

Platform-Based Content Approach

Do you like to market on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter? Depending on which social media platforms you like to concentrate on, your content style must mirror those efforts. Do not make a single piece of content and trying to push it to every channel at the same time.

Set Concrete Goals and Milestones

Probably one of the most complicated concerns in social media marketing is determining the right social medial goals for accomplishing success. It occurs that those goals should be connected to a well-thought-out strategic plan to meet a more ambitious goal: lower expenses on client acquisition, raise sales, lead generation, and so much more. You can utilize SMART or mind-mapping to set concrete goals.

Social media is always here to stay. As your business develops, you will need to change your social media marketing continuously if you like to see success.