Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is not new. It has been around for more than 20 years now. With over 3 million companies advertising on Google Ads, it shows just how important Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be for your business. The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated advertisement efforts as people are spending more time on the internet than ever before.

Google Ads is the leading platform for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as it boasts around 92% market share. It offers plenty of advertising options such as Search, Video, Display, App, and more. The following considerations need to be taken into account when advertising online via a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform.

Are You A Startup?

When it comes to Google Ads campaigns, a wide range of companies rely on them. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in new startups popping up in many different sectors. This has increased the demand for Pay Per Click (PPC) experts to run campaigns. Startups will find a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign to be extremely helpful in testing and validating their concept. All you have to do is run a test campaign for a few days to drive traffic as people search for a relevant product or service. The traffic you generate will help point your startup in the right direction.

What Should Be Your Budget?

One of the main challenges that businesses face when they start with Google Ads is budget setting. It can be difficult to understand what budget is too high or low. You also have to think about how much competitors are spending, the results that you can expect from the budget, and if you can increase your budget if needed. Working with a PPC specialist would allow you to set a budget. You can always rely on how much competitors are spending by using a platform such as SE Ranking. It scans ads placed by competitors over the last 12 months and provides you with an estimate on how much you should spend.

What Do You Want To Sell?

The amount of money you should spend and the type of campaign you should set up depends on the type of product or service you want to sell. Local businesses will have a smaller budget in comparison to businesses that want to cater to a national or even global audience. In fact, local businesses can run new local campaigns which have been introduced by Google Ads as it caters to lower budget advertisers that want to target local customers. As for ecommerce businesses interested in targeting a wider audience, a shopping campaign would be the best option.

Do You Possess the Right Skills?

Running successful PPC campaigns requires an expertise in various skills. Firstly, you must have a basic understanding of the PPC advertising platform and how it works. Now, you do not need to learn all the features and controls. All you require is knowledge of relevant features and controls. Start with a smart campaign as a new business. It will handle the bidding and search query targeting decisions according to the performance of the ads.


Once you have gone over the post, you will come to know if PPC advertising is the right option for your business. It is a good idea to setup an account and run a test campaign to find out if it suits your business objectives.