Running a blog requires a great deal of effort. If your blog has not generated enough traffic, chances are that you are making some mistakes. Things can go wrong even if you have a good blog. However, there is no need to worry as we share the top reasons why your blog is not generating traffic.

1. You Have Not Optimized for Mobile Searches

One of the main mistakes that you might be making is not optimizing your blog for mobile searches. With over half of overall internet traffic being mobile-based, it is important that you optimize your website for mobile. As PCs and laptops fall into disuse, smartphones will continue to dominate the online world. If you fail to optimize for mobile traffic, you will fail to keep up. Wrong text placement, excessive indents, and difficult-to-read font sizes can take a toll on the mobile speed performance. You should also focus on voice search as more people use voice search today than ever before.

2. You Post Duplicate or Repetitive Content

Another reason why your blog is not getting enough traffic is that you post duplicate or repetitive content. When Google finds similar content, it tends to rank, the more useful content higher and disregards the other content. This means that a second blog post would not even benefit from SEO efforts. Hence, you should simply avoid posting duplicate or repetitive content altogether. It can help your blog perform better.

3. You Overuse Limited Keywords

Next, you might be using the same limited keywords over and over again. Ranking high in high competition keywords is not always worth the effort. But, you should look for different high competition keywords which you can rank for. It will allow your blog to generate more traffic in the long run. Diversify the keywords you use to take your blog to the next level. With plenty of daily searchers using different keywords, you should widen your palette. Besides this, you also need to localize your keywords.

4. You Offer a Bad User Interface

People remember how you make them feel. If your blog has a bad user interface, nobody would want to visit your blog again. Although good blog entries can convince users to make a purchase, poor layout, visual design, and overall organization of the website adversely affect the impression visitors have on your blog. Therefore, you should focus your efforts on providing a better user interface. Ditch large image formats that slow down the loading time and use optimized images instead. Go through your blog and make necessary user interface changes to increase traffic.

5. You Fail To Provide Your Audience What It Wants

You might have a blog that fails to provide your audience what they are looking for. Hence, it is important that you first research your target audience before posting any blogs. It will allow you to make a good impression.

6. You Have Outdated Content

There is a possibility that your content is outdated. You might be using old statistical data or outdated memes. Thus, you should go over your content and make the necessary changes.

7. You Do Not Promote Your Blog

Finally, you need to take advantage of every promotional platform to get more traffic. Consider leveraging your social media presence to get people to visit your blog. Every time you post something new on your blog, you should share it online.


Once you have finished reading our post, you will know some of the main reasons why your blog might not be generating enough traffic no matter how good you might think it to be.