Google is known for changing its algorithm regularly. Every time there is a major change, there are also changes to important search engine ranking factors. Even though Google keeps SEO professionals at their toes, there is no need to worry as we have prepared the ultimate post for you. It takes a close look at the top search engine rankings factors for 2021.

1. Content Quality

One of the most important ranking factors that you cannot afford to overlook is content quality. If you want to rank high, you have to publish high-quality content. The content needs to be crafted for a specific target audience. The following should be considered when creating content.

  • Use the Right Keywords
  • Well-Structured
  • Thorough and Concise
  • Fresh
  • Add Value
  • Unique

2. Backlink Profile

Next, you need to focus on your backlink profile. You cannot expect to generate organic traffic without backlinks. They allow Google to find and index the website. Never compromise on the quality of backlinks as they help establish authority and trustworthiness. If there are other authoritative websites that link to yours, your website would be ranked higher. In case there are websites with similar content, the one that has better backlinks would be ranked higher.

3. Mobile Responsiveness

As people switch to smartphones, you need to make sure that your website scores well on mobile responsiveness. You have to cater to online traffic which tends to be mostly mobile-based. If you fail to deliver for mobile devices, you lose out on a ton of valuable traffic. Therefore, it is wise to focus on mobile responsiveness.

4. Keyword Search Intent

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. However, you have to check to ensure that the keyword search intent matches the content. If you do not know what search intent is, it refers to the intention behind what users type. It could either be to find a location, purchase something, or seek information. Thus, you need to understand keyword search intent to create the perfect content.

5. Rank Brain

Rank Brain is the algorithm used by Google to measure user experience. Google wants to make sure that users are directed to the most useful website. Therefore, your content should send good UX signals if you want to rank at the top. Here is how you can achieve this.

6. Keywords

Finally, keywords are still the most important search engine ranking factor. Add the right keywords to your content for the right amount of time to ensure Google recognizes your content. Aim for keyword dentist of around 1 to 2 percent.


Once you have gone over our post, you will know the most important search engine ranking factors for 2021. Take your website ranking to the next level this year by following our advice.