The worst thing that can happen to you is seeing website traffic drop. There are various reasons why your website might experience a sudden decline in traffic. Understanding the cause of the problem will allow you to address it early on to restore traffic and put your website back on track. Monitoring website traffic is crucial to ensure that your website is successful. You need to check the following if your website traffic drops.

1. Search Engine Algorithm Update

One of the main reasons why your website might see a drop in traffic is due to a search engine algorithm update. As you might already know, Google releases multiple updates throughout the year. Major updates to the algorithm can affect your website. Although Google does not release the exact details about the changes, you can try out different things to solve the problem.

2. Major Changes to the Website

Another reason why your website traffic has dropped all of a sudden is due to major changes to your website. A major revamp can affect website traffic overnight. Changing the content will affect the crawl ability of the website. Head over to Crawl – Crawl Errors to fix the problem. Look at the graphs to identify the abrupt changes. It would reveal broken links which you can fix. Use Website Auditor to
Search the website and gather more information.

3. Manual Search Engine Penalty

Google bots can unleash their wrath on your website. If your website has been hacked, Google would be alarmed. Hence, you must look into how you can get into its good books. Your website might have also suffered from other penalties like user-generated spam, unnatural outgoing links, and duplicated content. Keep your website updated to avoid penalties.

4. The Tracking Code

Poor data could also cause unexplained and sudden drops in website traffic. Google Analytics code is likely to be the site, a tracking code that would pull a wide range of data. To solve the issue, you should check out Google console and refine the code.

5. Keyword Overuse

When you overuse keywords, it affects your search engine ranking. Although you need to create new content for your website, you need to make sure that there are not many pages that are competing against one another. Only create web pages for different products, services, or features.

6. SERPs Changes and Competitors

Finally, you also have to review SERPs changes and competitors. When it comes to SEO, website traffic can drop for certain keyword changes. Your competitors might have gotten wiser with how they use keywords. Hence, you will need to make necessary changes to grow your online presence.


If your website traffic drops, it is important that you do not lose hope. You can take advantage of our tips to take care of the issues on your own. It is always best to focus on how you can grow your online presence and increase traffic. Therefore, you should make necessary updates from time to time.